Komal Kiran

Born in Jaipur now in Navi Mumbai
Ms. Beautiful Earth 2017-18
Animal Rights Activist

You have been a soft skill mentor, can you share some details on it?

I have been a soft skill mentor for Helen O Grady International where I would conduct various activities and games in schools which help kids build their confidence. These games are also aimed to help introvert kids to open up.

You won the Ms Beautiful Earth beauty pageant?

Yes, I did and I got to thank my family for being so supportive. In fact they were the ones who suggested that I should participate in a beauty pageant. I am glad I took the advice and here I am - winner of two Beauty Pageants . I won the Miss India popular choice and Ms Beautiful Earth 2017-2018.

You engage in a lot of social work as well?

Yes, I do. I am an animal lover and I ensure that I can reach out and help them in whatever way possible . I also have my own NGO where we help provide education to the kids.

What one advice you want to give for those who want to participate in Beauty Pageants?

Don't take preparation for beauty pageants lightly as it's going to be a life changing decision if taken sincerely. Put at least 6 hours daily into rehearsing your pageant stance, ramp walk, your intro and your question answers. Practice speaking intro and answers in front of your family and friends, record your intro and answers and hear it again and again to understand how do you sound. You need to literally LIVE your dream to fulfill it!!