Shaveer Ahmed

DJ//Music Producer
Niche Radio Interview


Shaveer Ahmed is the pilot behind the Project - ChakraView. Exposed to music at a very young age, he started playing the guitar amongst other instruments like drums and the keyboard, also playing with several rock/metal bands during early 2000 and until most recently – Rampazze Around 2005-06, his focus shifted to electronic music and production. He started the project “Felix” and started actively producing and releasing music since 2009. His first EP - “Anjuna to Assam” as Felix is still considered a favorite for many listeners alike. The Project ChakraView started in 2014, when Shaveer decided to find new directions with his sound. After producing a few tracks, he signed up with one of the pioneering Night time labels - World People production. Thereafter, he has released 2 Eps - “Riddim i Like” and “Make a Wish” and also his debut full length album – Fools paradise with the said label. He also has two other projects – Magnetik Brainz and Juggerknot under which he is producing different sub genres of psychedelic music. Recently, he released his track 'Maaza Bappa Shree' along with Asad Freeaatmah & Footstomping Records where one can also enjoy vocals from the all time favourite Bollywood singer Shaan.


Interview Edit: Gama Goblin

Mix & Mastering: Dee

Music: ChakraView