Deepesh Sharma

Precious Management


If you haven't danced to Deepesh Sharma's tunes on the dance floor yet, you are definitely missing out. He is vibrant, handsome, talented and versatile. When he is not producing music he is digging business opportunities. One of his recent venture in partnership with his friend Fahad is labelled Kosher, an all natural brand producing organic products for consumption and promotes zero-waste and no plastic usage. He invests in eco-friendly business ventures with potential. To know more on Deepesh Sharma's journey and ventures please check his interview on Niche Radio.


Isoden Honey

This 100% raw and unprocessed honey is a first in the Indian markets. It is great for thyroid and arthritis patients. The moisturizer made from the beeswax produced is helpful in fighting acne.

Morel Mushrooms

These mushrooms are found in the villages of Kashmir. They are considered to be therapeutic for cancer patients and contain anti-aging properties.


Cumin Seeds

Cumin is one of the most essential ingredients used in Indian cuisine. Bestowed with medicinal properties, it helps in digestion, controls cholesterol and stabilizes blood pressure too.


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