Dr. Abhinav Gupta

Navi Mumbai
30+ years of experience
Medical Advisor

How was your journey as a doctor?

I passed my MBBS in 1991. After that I started working in reputed tertiary care hospitals to hone my diagnostic and disease management skills. To gain knowledge across various specialities, I did stints in multiple departments like general surgery, plastic surgery, general medicine, casualty, ICCU, anesthesia & orthopedics. The hospital's where I gained my experience were Hinduja hospital, Jagjivan Ram Western railway hospital, Cumballa hill hospital, Masina hospital, Shatabdi municipal hospital and others. Due to the nature of my selection, I got exposure to a variety of administrative setups from corporate and railways to trust and municipal, enhancing my growth and teaching me how to work under radically different circumstances. During this period of 7 years I also earned my post graduate diploma in orthopedics.

You have worked with numerous large companies. Please share your experience?

Armed with the experience mentioned above, I joined the corporate world as a Medical Advisor about 23 years back. Since then I have worked with numerous large companies like Reliance, Rallis(a Tata company), TIFL, GTL, Mastek, Hexaware, Majesco, Sterling backcheck, Ness, Xoriant and others. Meanwhile, I gained another qualification called AFIH (Associate fellowship in industrial health) from central labor institute. I'm a proponent of minimal drug therapy and a staunch believer of preventive medicine. These, along with regular presentations and emailers on various health issues ensures that the employees are well informed and healthy. This in turn increases their productivity. Counseling is also a very important part of my profile. In between, for about 2 years, I was appointed as Medical Director in Aramuc, one of the largest medical publishers in India. I was also associated with Imagica, one of India's top theme parks, as head of medical services for about 2 years. I designed and set up their medical centre, trained all the employees in first aid, selected and appointed competent and experienced medical staff and drew up various protocols to deal with routine treatment, emergencies, evacuation and other scenarios.


Other than medicine, what are your areas of interest?

I enjoy photography, especially wildlife, monuments and landscapes. To fulfill this passion,I have traveled extensively in India and abroad. I also shoot portfolios. In my free time I like to paint with various mediums and experiment with other art forms like carving, calligraphy, moulding, resin, laser etc. I love bikes and have owned and ridden numerous superbikes since 2003. With 2 other friends I have cofounded an IT company that develops platforms for the social sector. We 3 also run an NGO.

What advice would you give to aspiring models?

Beauty comes from within. So it's very important to watch what you eat. Stick to a healthy diet as much as possible. Water is also very very important. It clears the toxins in your body and helps your skin glow more than any beauty product. Regular exercise keeps your body toned and let's you face the rigorous world of modelling. It also strengthens your immunity. Occasional light social drinking is acceptable but smoking should be completely avoided. It makes the skin look dull, darkens your lips and stains the teeth. Always follow an active hobby and meditate to manage your stress levels. Stress makes you look older much faster and can cause hair fall and early greying of hair