Nishita Ashish Purandare, 24

Navi Mumbai
Miss Tourism Universe 2017
Grooming Expert

When did you start Modeling?

I started my career in 2016 . I took part in a National Beauty Pageant called "INDIAN PRINCESS" where I won the popular title of 'Miss Internet'. Later, that same year I got selected for the "Miss Tiara India". I had to undergo 10 days of extensive training. My hard work paid off and I was crowned the winner. I represented India on an International platform.

Did you undergo any grooming?

Yes, I was trained by Niche Academy. It not only boosted my confidence but helped me to be a better version of myself overall.

Has your life changed after winning Miss Tourism Universe title?

Yes, life has been a rollar coaster ride after winning Miss Tourism Universe title. I have walked the runway for fashion designers and was also launched in a movie.

Did you have to do any special preparation for the contest?

Representing India on an International platform was not easy. I had to rigorously update myself in fitness and presentation. One has to be mentally strong, clear and focused.

How was your experience being the lead actress in a movie?

My experience was great and enlightening. I got to learn a whole different segment of this industry and it's ways of operation.


What are your future plans?

Being an architecture student, I am keen on applying my knowledge for the welfare of animals. I would also like to share my experience and knowledge to other's who wish to compete at any Beauty Pageant and start their career as a model.

What advice would you give to aspiring models?

The only advice I can give to all the aspiring models is to stay dedicated and to work hard. There is no shortcuts to success. Be honest to your work & yourself.