Princess Francoise Sturdza

President of Heart For India Foundation
Social Welfare
Niche Radio Interview


The Heart For India Foundation, was created in 2005 by Princess Francoise Sturdza. The foundation is an NGO based in Geneva whose aim is to promote, support and develop projects in the fields of education, nutrition, health, environment and security for children and young women from the most underprivileged backgrounds in Chennai, India.


The foundation is based on the determination and will of the President, the foundation's board, and staff in India. The Foundation's programme gives children and young women the future they deserve and an equal opportunity for all which in turn helps overcome illiteracy and malnutrition. The Foundation supports 5 government schools, a kindergarten (balwadi) and a vocational training center in Chennai (Tami- Naidu/India). Everyone can show their support towards the foundation in however and whatever way each can. Please check the link below.


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